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Exotic destination wedding photography,

Saul Padua has been capturing ‘wow’ moments in many mediums since graduating from University of Puerto Rico in 1999 with a degree in communications. During his early years, he gained experience in commercial production, holding down a range of positions which include working as a graphic designer, video editor, multi-media programmer, still photographer and videographer for top brands, including Coca-Cola, Coors Light, AOL and Toyota USA. Some of the campaigns Saul helped to create went on to be recognized by prestigious awards, including a coveted Cúspide award from the Puerto Rico Advertising Agencies Association.

Driven to discover his true calling, Saul explored several areas of photography before he found his niche. Much of his earlier work in fashion, commercial photography and public relations has been published in newspapers, magazines and seen on commercial television.

Saul’s decision to focus on wedding photography was a realization on many levels: as each wedding, each couple presents a unique and emotional event, it invites endless opportunity to capture moments of happiness in a natural way, allowing him to take his own creativity to new levels. Saul prides himself on being absolutely hands-on from the initial consultation all the way to the final album design, and one only has to look at his client’s testimonials to know that the quality of his work and his commitment to bring out the best in a couple’s special day are both impressive and inspired.

As a destination wedding photojournalist will capture those timeless moments and emotions of your wedding day.  The experience, incredible dedication and inherent artistic creativity position Saul Padua Photography as one of the top Wedding Photography firms in Puerto Rico.